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Throughout history and pre-history people have created great Earthworks,
their purpose and function have been greatly lost to  us today.
However, they remain honored as holy places, inspired by
the people’s connection or desire to connect with their “Gods”.
The world’s pyramids, Stonehenge, Mounds, and earthwork sites,
great cathedrals and small churches, beautiful gardens,
and tiny sanctuaries  have all historically been places of reverence and sacred work.
Today as our lands fill with people and the structures created by them,
we have recognized that we, the Peace Dreamers,
are called to do Sacred Earth Works not only of land and structure,
but, also  of  the blood, bone and spirit of the People.
Welcome to the Sacred Earth Works of the Peace Dreamers,
a mystical place  of  exploration, learning, healing, growth,
fellowship, creation, beauty and spirit,
open and welcoming to all those  who are eager and willing to
discover and walk their truth in peaceful co-creation.
By sacredearthworks

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