Why Reiki?

One week from today our next Reiki level 1 class begins. As we teach it Reiki level 1 is a 12 hour course divided into four 3 hour classes, which provide the initiation, instruction and foundation needed to begin a personal Reiki Practice and to begin offering Reiki treatment to one’s self and others.

Each time we prepare to offer this training we are asked “Why Reiki?”  Among the myriad of energy medicine technologies available (and yes we are trained in 22 of them) why do we teach Reiki?    “Reiki is a balancing practice generally facilitated by light touch. It is non invasive, easy to learn, easy to do, complements all faiths, and wellness modalities. It empowers the student to immediately improve their overall wellness. Reiki is portable and can be done anywhere. Everyone can do Reiki, there is no age limit, religious affiliation, or physical ability required. If you can breathe, with training you can do Reiki.”

We do teach other modalities, and invite our teachers to come and teach modalities which we do not, because we have found value in those other techniques, and we find that with it’s simplicity Reiki is complete unto itself, and it also offers a brilliant foundation of understanding for future study of other techniques.



By sacredearthworks

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