EARTH works
Everyone’s Ability (to) Return Totally Healed
The Sacred Earthwork of healing, is the task of the individual,
no one can heal you, except YOU!
That said, accessing the sacred  technology of healing is often easier with a healing guide,
either one in spirit or in body.
Healing looks different to everyone,
for  some it is a return to vitality and ability in the manifest world, for others it is a peaceful transition to the spirit world,
in every case it is a return to personal balance.
For those of us on Earth, healing is an ongoing process, not something we do once 
 then never have to do again.
The lives we create, provide us with new opportunities for growth,
and our balance must adjust with each  new expansion.
EARTH works, as offerred by Peace Dreamers is a shared healing process,
which can include a variety of technologies,  with us offering guidance, tools and support.
You control  your own healing.

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